Thursday, June 28, 2012


One of my favorite dolls got hurt last night. Not just hurt but the kind of injury that makes you think about what the hell you are doing. Why do we skate our ass off night after night always attempting to reach the next goal? Why do we get up every morning and do our core exercises? Why do we look at a fallen Derby Girl and think to ourselves holy shit can that happen to me then go home and start getting ready for the next bout? Why! because we love our sport, we love our derby sisters and we realize that yes we can get hurt and yes we will continue to not be satisfied with how good we are and yes we all need to cross train but it is all worth it to be in a game we love with the best, most hard core ladies on earth.
Lots of Derby Love and all my best thoughts and wishes to my derby sister as she heals quickly so she can get back out there.

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